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Teapot Talk!


Why is it whenever there’s a problem sometimes our immediate reaction is to put the kettle on and make a cup of tea? Does tea have some kind of miracle cure for problems or does the sheer act of making tea afford us more thinking time? I do think  – and it has been proven, that tea drinkers have less stress hormones than non tea drinkers – so tea does calm situations down? I am a great believer in talking things through and having a brew is a great way to start any conversation – after all no one can drink a full cup of hot tea in 20 seconds so I know a good hot cup of tea will make sure I can hear ALL the details as I have my audience ‘captured’ for a while!

But does your Tea have to be made a certain way? How is it that when someone makes tea it is perfect and other people, no matter how often they try is erh…..less than perfect, this really bugs me! I end up making it myself…no surprise there!

Is there a perfect time for Tea? Cliche to say any time is the perfect time, I know I HAVE to have a good brew when I  wake up…wake up? I mean try to wake up! It helps….especially if that certain person makes in that oh so perfect way..

I reckon tea is due more credit than it gets, it’s the linch pin of a way of life – what am I saying? Tea is a lifestyle?…hmmmm better think about that, put the kettle on love and lets’ chat….x

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